4 versions of the grips
4 versions of the grips
The grip section comes in 4 different types:

1) The alluminum MP38 grip. Produced from 1938 till 1941 by Erma and Haenel (See the picture top left)

2) The simplified sheet metal MP40 "open" grip with ridge around the triggerguard. The grip consisted out of two halves stamped together. Produced by Steyr (660 or BNZ), Erma (27 or AYF), Haenel (122 or FXO), Merz Werke (COS) and National Krupp Registrier kassen (CND). Produced from 1939 until 1944.

3) A further simplified sheet metal, one piece grip. Slightly thicker and no ridge around the triggerguard. This grip was produced by Steyr as of late 1942 until 1943.

4) An even further simplified handgrip. Here the grip has been permanently welded together with the lower reciever. The ridge is back around the triggerguard and a metal band is welded all over the grip, triggerguard and the back end of the receiver.