Announcement in the 695th “Allgemeine Heeres-mitteilungen”
Announcement in the 695th “Allgemeine Heeres-mitteilungen”
In order to clean the inside of the magazine according to the before mentioned manual, section A 4 b; a cleaning brush is introduced.

Designation: Cleaning brush for magazine M.P.
Abbrevation: Clean.brush Mag. M.P.
Fabric Structure Number: 47
Request indicator: J 29141

The cleaning brush will be included in the section H.R. (H) as equipment and is applicable for each M.P.38 and 40. In the section H.R. (H) J 15 a note has to be incorporated.
Change of section J 15 will follow in the republication.
The carrying of the magazine brush will be stored in the magazine loader in the magazine pouch.
The demand for cleaning brushes Mag. M.P. for Army service corps is not available before 1-9-1942. With the specification of the delivery address request can immediately be made to the HZa. in Spandau or Kassel. For units of the field army a special arrangement will follow.