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Rare ayf mp40
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Rare ayf mp40

Register your MP38/MP40 here!

I realise it's not that impressive yet but we have to start somewhere. Below I list the details that I need. I will not publish any owner data and I promise I will delete the emails after I placed the details in the list.

Please send your details to: The list that I publish is protected. If want to use the information for datamining. If you are intreested in the data please let me know I can sent you the file in MS Excel or MS Acces format.


Serial on MP38
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Serial on MP38

What I need are the following details:

Factory Code: (27, 122, 660, AYF, FXO, BNZ, Haenel) Sometimes it seems that there is only a CND or COS code. If you cannot find any other code use one of these. 
Sub-Contractor: (COS, CND, KUR)
Model: (MP38, MP40, MP40 I, MP41)
Serial Nr.: Don't forget the lettercode if there is any!
(WaA254, WaA165, WaA37, WaA280, WaA623, WaA44, WaAA44, WaA815)
Improved Safety locking?:
Magazine Receiver: (MP38, smooth or ribbed)
Square hook on frontsight? (Early MP38's and MP40's)
Matching Numbers:
Condition: (Quality)
State: Original (full auto), Semi-Auto, de-activated 
Remarks: Anything special (Prototype, SS, Navy, Luftwaffe, etc)

I understand that sometimes it's difficult to find all the data. The minimum is the Serial Nr. I will not place one without a filled in Serial Nr.