Weblog 2015

Weblog 2015

20-9-2015: A few guys being impressed by shooting the MP40

The MP40 is not only a "collectors item" but also in use for criminal activities in Australia. Just check the flame surpressor on the MP40 (below)

8-7-2015: Semi Auto MP38 and MP40 for sale at Waffen Niedermeier in Munich!

28-06-2015Very nice collection of MP38's and MP40's of Kevin Wheatcroft. Look at the 3th picture from above.

22-3-2015Interesting "cross over" Steyr produced MP40. It features the specifics of a late Steyr produced MP40 like the red bakelit fore grip and the 2 sided barrel nut but it still has the earlier grip without rim (not the integrated Steyr grip). This type can be considered as rare. Aproximately 13000 have been produced.

07-03-2015: and new supply of MP40's and more

01-03-2015: Rare MP38 offered at Henrik's website http://www.raskantik.com/visprodukt.asp?id=4268&katId=NEWS